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Hey ! Long time no see!

Darriuss / Feb 05, 2013

Well to update things a little bit, last month we took a holiday break ! During that time we talked about future plans. We decided to split our 25man team to a double 2x10mans with few backups( that doesn't mean we gave up on 25mans, but we feel 25mans atleast for now ain't worth so much effort to put in to create stable 25man group, and again that doesn't mean we won't go back 25man in 5.2 - due to thunderforged items).

Atm our two groups progress is : G1 : 5/6 HC MSV , 3/6 HC HoF 4/4 ToES
G2 : 4/6HC MSV, 2/6 HC HoF, 4/4 ToES

I'll post the pictures of the kills later on when i find them on the pc. :P


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