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Darriuss / Nov 18, 2013
Well i'll update you guys with a few things, last raiding tier Throne of Thunder Is Lazy finished with having 5 heroic bosses killed out out of 13. I had a bit of break so site wasn't really updated during that time :P.

SoO came along and we did great progress so far with such an casual approach to be honest. We are sitting at the moment on 7 heroic bosses down out of 14, so halfway there. Raiders of Lazy showed quite amount of laziness itself so i got no screenshots, therefor i'll show you only achiev pics !

Gj so far and cya around with new updates!

Darriuss / May 03, 2013
As the title states, there was long time since last "Lazy" post, well to be honest, pace and structure of the guild changed, ex main group is still on "vacation" doing PvP, leveling alts, the usual casual stuff :P, but there's ex Grp 2, nowadays called...wait for it..Group 1 ! /Badum TSSSS..rocking their way aswell !

After some time of actually sorting the group out and fixing raid time, actual raid came and with it came results, which are if i may say more than good !
After first week of decent raiding Jin'rokh the Breaker HC is down,without any bigger problems if i may notice.

Looking onward to new challenges. Gj :).


Darriuss / Mar 06, 2013
I'll be short, group 1 is not raiding anymore, as we're bunch of real life mates in that group, we collectively decided to continue our break since our last kills of Vizier and Garalon HC exactly 1 month ago! Main issue is we got bored with raiding and gameplay of the MoP, rinsing and repeating the gear upgrades from patch to patch.
People wanted to invest their times better in e.g. exams, jobs, actual real social life...

G2 becomes now G1 main group of the Is Lazy with promotion of Hajduk to Guild Master rank of the guild!

This is hopefully just temporarily until WoW rush doesn't hit us all again.

Until then farewell ! :)

Darriuss / Feb 05, 2013

Well to update things a little bit, last month we took a holiday break ! During that time we talked about future plans. We decided to split our 25man team to a double 2x10mans with few backups( that doesn't mean we gave up on 25mans, but we feel 25mans atleast for now ain't worth so much effort to put in to create stable 25man group, and again that doesn't mean we won't go back 25man in 5.2 - due to thunderforged items).

Atm our two groups progress is : G1 : 5/6 HC MSV , 3/6 HC HoF 4/4 ToES
G2 : 4/6HC MSV, 2/6 HC HoF, 4/4 ToES

I'll post the pictures of the kills later on when i find them on the pc. :P